Problems to run .mat file in eeglab

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Hi everyone,
When I try to open my .mat files (gathered in Acqknowledge 5.0) in eeglab (File -> Import data -> Using eeglab functions and plugins -> From ASCII/float file or Matlab array), I get this error (screenshot)
Does anyone have a solution for this?

Accepted Answer

Arnaud Delorme
Arnaud Delorme on 13 Dec 2017
EEGLAB cannot read Mat files from Acqknowledge nativelly. Instead there is a plugin called BIOPAC that can do that.
Best wishes,
Arnaud Delorme
Arnaud Delorme on 2 Mar 2021
There is another plugin to import BIOPAC files. It is available on the EEGLAB plugin manager. It is called BIOPAC. It only imports Matlab files.

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Harshini Gangapuram
Harshini Gangapuram on 7 Sep 2018
I have included BIPOAC plugin but still I get the same error as mentioned above
Evangelia Athanasiou
Evangelia Athanasiou on 10 Feb 2022
I have also include the BIOPAC plugin but I stil have errors (e.g., Unrecognized field name 'labels'). Where can I found a template on how my eeg file should look like when is in matlab format so I can upload my data without problems?
I found very useful the EEGlab and all the tutorials, but when it comes to load your own data I cannot find any information for the format.
Thank you in advance.

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