Compare elements within cell array

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Tha saliem
Tha saliem on 28 Dec 2017
Commented: Tha saliem on 2 Jan 2018
Hi all
I have a cell array A
A={[1x4 cell];[1x3 cell];[1x5 cell]}
A{1,1}= {[1,-0.03,0.1,1.3,0,0.23,1,0,0.2],[1,0.6,0.1,2,0,0.6,0.6,0,0.6],[1,-0.15,0,1.4,0,0.35,1,0,0.3],[2,-0.2,0.1,3,0,0.4,0,0,0.4]}; similarly values for other A{2,1} and A{3,1}
I want to compare all elements of A with every other element. Like A{1,1}{1,1} with A{1,1}{1,2}, A{1,1}{1,3} and A{1,1}{1,4} and similarly A{1,1}{1,2} with all others to find which one is less. If every single element (col values) is less it means that row is less than other row. store index of that row in a separate array. and same for other elements of A.
Kindly help.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 28 Dec 2017
YOu can get the minimum value of each cell using cellfun and min.
A{1,1}= {[1,-0.03,0.1,1.3,0,0.23,1,0,0.2],[1,0.6,0.1,2,0,0.6,0.6,0,0.6],[1,-0.15,0,1.4,0,0.35,1,0,0.3],[2,-0.2,0.1,3,0,0.4,0,0,0.4]};
Tha saliem
Tha saliem on 2 Jan 2018
Can you please help on this question because you have solved the problem related to it here:

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