What is block in simulink ?

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Ky Vu
Ky Vu on 5 Jan 2018
Answered: Awatef Aouf on 26 Mar 2019
Anybody please let me know what name of this block ? Where is this block in the library of simulink? (This is file simiam.mdl of the Sim.I.am simulation. You can download it with link https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/40860-sim-i-am)

Accepted Answer

mounika on 5 Jan 2018
They are all S-function blocks -> User-definable block written using the MATLAB S-Function API.
To learn more about MATLAB S-function, check this link .
All the respected S-function files are listed in the file exchange download (inside the Simulink folder)
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Ky Vu
Ky Vu on 5 Jan 2018
Thanks a lot :))))

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Awatef Aouf
Awatef Aouf on 26 Mar 2019
why there is an error on msfun_khepera3


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