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Greg Heath


Asked by Greg Heath
on 6 Jan 2018
Latest activity Answered by Greg Heath
on 28 Mar 2019
Did someone steal the search window?


It still shows up for me (OS-X, Firefox)
Would you happen to be using a smartphone to access at the moment? There is a different layout for that.
Is it possible that you did not get automatically logged in? That has been happening more of late, although I can't remember offhand if one of the symptoms is what you have.
John D'Errico
on 6 Jan 2018
Well, it IS a search field after all. They want you to look for it! ;-)
But if you logout, you can still do a search. I tried going to multiple pages below the main Answers page, but I did not see one that was missing the search field. And even if I scroll the page down, the search is still there, at the top right.
What browser, and OS are you using?

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1 Answer

Greg Heath
Answer by Greg Heath
on 28 Mar 2019
 Accepted Answer

It only opens up at the top of the page if the page is sufficiently wide. Since I often use large type and 2 pages per screen, the search window dissapears.
Not a problem now that I know.


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