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Importing multiple csv files with header as a table while preserving their names manually?

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Thomas Kok
Thomas Kok on 14 Jan 2018
Hi there,
I'm a little lost, as I'm pretty certain that this question has been asked before, but I haven't yet been able to stumble upon the answer, and I was wondering if it were possible to import multiple csv files into MATLAB as a table while still preserving their names?
For example, the following is an example of the CSV files that I'm attempting to convert:
I've tried writing a loop with read2table, but it then returns a large 20+ by 1 cell, within which contains about 2000+ readings, while I'd prefer to work with a few variables with the names of the CSV files so I may then analyse each separately.
Oh, and I was hoping to learn to do this manually, I believe that MATLAB already can do better with the help of their Import Wizard!
Thanks in advance for any advice or help!


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