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Installing Matlab in Linux without “sudo” level access?

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I have a user account on an Ubuntu-based server which has multiple power GPUs. I want to install MATLAB 2017a on that system but unfortunately, I have no "sudo" level access to that system. Is there any method to install Matlab on that system?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Jan 2018
My memory from years ago is that on Linux Matlab can be installed into any directory, and that process should not need sudo provided that you do not ask to install the standard links.
I do not, however, know if privilege is needed for requesting access to a gpu.
Note: the license terms only permit you to install MATLAB into a system that you own or lease; here "own" would include the case where you are installing a commercial licence onto a system owned by your employer and you are authorized by your employer to install software there.
The licence terms do not permit you to install MATLAB onto a hosting service that you are a shared user of. No installation onto Amazon EC2 or the like. There is a separate license service from Mathworks for use on hosting services.
HAMAYOUN AHMAD on 22 Jan 2018
Thanks for answering. Can you explain a little bit how to install or a link for installation?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Jan 2018
The install script sets up a call to jre and runs that to do the install. That part of it does not need special permissions as long as it can write into /tmp . When java fires up, tell it to install MATLAB into a directory that you have write access to.

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Samuel Gray
Samuel Gray on 3 Nov 2020
I'd start with the MATLAB Online service and worry about installing it directly onto hardware (real or virtual) when you need to do that. It's great for performance and portability to install and run it locally but most users don't need that level of power most of the time.
And there are certain issues with installing it on a Linux OS that can lead to your system not running, that are not nearly as much of a problem when installing it onto Windows 10. So if you have to install it on Linux, it's better to avoid using sudo anyway. Then you just need to refer to the installation documentation.


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