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Import elements of an array from workspace

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Islam Elnady
Islam Elnady on 22 Jan 2018
Commented: Islam Elnady on 25 Jan 2018
Hi, I've created this model in Simulink to import elements of an array of waypoints (x,y) from workspace on a sequential basis so that a Robot can follow them, point after point.
The index selectors switch to the next index by increasing the data store memory variable "A" by "1" when the Robot reaches the current waypoint within 100 m.
When I run the model the variable "A" jumps to the final value (16 in this case) at the first sample time of simulation. why? any help?
Below is the matlab function block:
function y = fcn(u,n)
global A;
if u<100 && A<n
A = A+1;
if A>n
y = A;

Answers (1)

Manuel on 23 Jan 2018
Have you already tried using a LookUp table?
regards mscharff


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