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efficient way to work with ~2k variables of size ~400x400x3

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AA on 30 Jan 2018
Commented: AA on 3 Feb 2018
I am running an optimization algorithm that involves iterating over ~2k variables, each variable representing an image of size ~400x400x3. In my iterations, I need to load these variables, update them, and go back to the next round, something like this
for iter=1:100
for var_no=1:1225
% Load var1_i
load(['var1_', num2str(var_no), '.mat');
% Load var2_i
load(['var2_', num2str(var_no), '.mat');
% Update var1_i, var2_i
var1_i = update_var1(var1_i);
var2_i = update_var2(var2_i);
% Save them again
save(['var1_', num2str(var_no), '.mat', var1_i, '-v7.3');
save(['var2_', num2str(var_no), '.mat', var2_i, '-v7.3');
As it can be expected, my code is extremely time consuming, and the size and their no. being very large, I cannot keep them in RAM. Can somebody please help me out and suggest me an efficient way to carry this? It has become a huge bottleneck in my run time. Thanks so much!
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AA on 30 Jan 2018
Hello, sorry I missed adding that changing the inner loop to parfor(as all the variables are independent) alleviates the problem to an extent, but still very time consuming due to the load/save operations

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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 1 Feb 2018
"I cannot keep them in RAM"
Why not? 400x400x3x2000 is under 8 GB of memory as double. Don't you have that much memory available on a computer capable of running the parallel toolbox? If not, I'd really consider upgrading the memory.
Furthermore, since your processing images it's very possible that your images started as 8-bit integers, in which case keeping them all in memory would only require about 960 MB.
AA on 3 Feb 2018
Hello Matt and Guillaume,
Thanks for all your help. I am able to store them and run them in parfor all at the same time. I simply stored the entire matrix as single precision variables (since my algorithm is not required to generate very precise results), and I could reduce the memory consumption by half. The performance is in acceptable range now.
Thanks again!

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Matt J
Matt J on 30 Jan 2018
You could gain some speed-up uing MATFILE to access the data instead of load/save.
Matt J
Matt J on 1 Feb 2018
I don't see that limitation in the matfile documentation. Where did you read it? The following simple example worked fine for me,
a = 0;
save tst1 a
save tst2 a
save tst3 a
parfor i=1:3
load tst1; a
load tst2; a
load tst3; a

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