How to import matrix to app designer?

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I have a cell array in my matlab workspace. How do I import it or use its data in code written in app designer?

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Prajith Chilummula
Prajith Chilummula on 22 Feb 2018
Edited: Prajith Chilummula on 22 Feb 2018
Before 2017b,there was a workaround to pass data from workspace to appdesigner. Please refer this link for the method:
In 2017b,the problem is resolved:
1) If you want to share/load data from outside the app, try the following:
a) You can load data from a MAT file in appdesigner code as shown below (inside a
callback function):
>> mydata = load('data.mat'); % This will load all the variables in data.mat to
mydata structure
b) If you would like to load your data at the initialization phase of the app, add
the above code in "startupFcn" callback of the app.
c) You can read data from base workspace as shown below.
>> data = evalin('base','varName'); % varName is in MATLAB base workspace
2) If you want to share data among callbacks of the app, you can create additional public/private properties of the app and store data in these proprieties.
Refer to the following documentation page for additional information on this.
3) If you want to pass data from app to other external function or to the base workspace, you can do this as shown below:
>> app = myTestApp; % call app and assign to a variable
>> % Retrieve public properties (x,y) of the app
>> x = app.x;
>> y = app.y;
Lui on 15 May 2019
I can see you have not specified your plotting function. Would also like to assume that you have an axis where you would like to plot your data on.
% Button pushed function: SimulateButton
function SimulateButtonPushed(app, event)
%% runs a simluation script that one of the outputs is waterfontstore which is a 1000x20 matrix
water = evalin('base','waterfrontstore')
What I undertsand is that you cannot call a variable before it is defined. So you ought to call Water first as above.
Secondly you could state the different cases if they are not many using an if ; if else to pick different values

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Savannah Morrissey Martin
Savannah Morrissey Martin on 31 May 2018
How do you access different elements of the cell once it is imported?


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