how can I plot multiple y values for single x value?

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I have to plot multiple y values for single x value, but in the plot all the values related to x=x1 appears on the same column. The relative y values are related to the same day (x) but to subsequent times. I would like to plot y values related to the same x in different columns just labeling the first value of x. It is possible? Thank you The graph that i found is the following but i don't know how to solve the problem.
Chaman Srivastava
Chaman Srivastava on 2 Dec 2020
@kalyan acharjya Yes indeed it will be a straight line. But my goal is to obtain a regression curve with confidence interval, something like what is shown in the curve attached.
Any leads for this? Thanks

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Answers (1)

Setsuna Yuuki.
Setsuna Yuuki. on 2 Dec 2020
you can try creating a vector of ones and multiplying this by your x values, for example:
y = rand(1,15);
xvalue = 3;
x = xvalue*ones(1,length(y));
Setsuna Yuuki.
Setsuna Yuuki. on 2 Dec 2020
I tried it this way
x = linspace(0,30);
i = 0; j = 1;
comp = 1:3:length(x);
vectorx = zeros(1,length(x));
%Vector with three same x values
for n = 1:length(x)
vectorx(n) = i;
if(n == comp(j))
i = i+1;
j = j+1;
x = vectorx;
%Random data
y = 0.2+rand(1,length(vectorx));
p = polyfit(x,y,1);
f = polyval(p,x);
legend('data','linear fit')
grid on;

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