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gscatter: connecting groups by lines through this function

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Jake Warner
Jake Warner on 21 Feb 2018
Commented: Jake Warner on 21 Feb 2018
Good day friendly people. I am using the gscatter function to plot my data, but (perhaps) I wish to connect them using lines that are the same color as their markers. My example plot is shown here:
Can I connect them using the gscatter function?
Please note, I understand that I could loop through a regular plot function and do it that way, but I am wondering if there is a more simple and elegant solution.
Thanks for any help you send my way!
Cheers, Jake


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Answers (1)

Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney on 21 Feb 2018
The gscatter function already plots the data as line objects... you just need to add a visible line style:
h = gscatter(...)
set(h, 'linestyle', '-');

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