Simscape vehicle body incline angle

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One Word
One Word on 16 Mar 2018
Commented: J Chen on 5 Jul 2022
Hi all,
Is it possible to feed a changing gradient with distance or time to the incline angle port of the vehicle body block over the course of the simulation?
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salma ariche
salma ariche on 3 Jul 2022
i'm facing the same problem, could you help please if you have resolved this issue?

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Answers (1)

J Chen
J Chen on 4 Jul 2022
Connect a Simulink signal source block through a Simulink-PS Converter block (in Simscape-Utilities) to the beta port.
J Chen
J Chen on 5 Jul 2022
I don't understand why your Signal Generator outputs a vector. Try a simple block such as Ramp block first. The output of the source block should be a scalar.

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