Calculating energy and power of a signal

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I tried this code to calculate energy and power of the input function f(x). but I get error. how can I fix it?
syms x y z energy pow t;
f=input('enter function: ','s');
f = symfun(eval(f), x);
f = str2func(['@(x)' vectorize(f)]);

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 18 Mar 2018
I suggest that instead of using
f = str2func(['@(x)' vectorize(f)]);
that you use
f = matlabFunction(f);
However, you could just comment out all of your handling of f, as you never use f after you make it into a function handle.
You have
At this point your y is a symbolic variable. integral() cannot be applied to symbolic variables: you would need to use int(y, -t, t) -- which is a value you can easily predict will be 0, since the integral of y with respect to y over y = a to y = b is 1/2 b^2 - 1/2 a^2 and with a = -t and b = -t that is going to be 1/2 t^2 - 1/2 (-t)^2 which is going to be 0.
geometry geometry
geometry geometry on 19 Mar 2018
Now I'm trying to the same works for discrete time signals and I have tried this code:
syms n f z N;
f=input('enter function: ','s');
f = symfun(eval(f), n);
f = matlabFunction(f);
y(N)=symsum(f, -N , N);
but I have several problems. first how can I write the symbols n and N are integers and the second is that symsum doesn't work well. Could you help me?

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Mellamputi Sai geetha
Mellamputi Sai geetha on 14 Oct 2020
Generate and plot the continuous time signal where a is the 3rd digit of your vtu number. Compute the sketch with the graph obtained from MATLAB and web tool. Determine the energy of the signal x(t).

SHREEVARSHINI R on 24 Oct 2021
write a matlab program to find the energy and power of the signal x(t) = 10sin(10*pi*t).

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