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Select data by attributes

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Claudia on 21 May 2012
I have a 24000x1 Geographic Data Structure (let's call it "Polylines" with more than 20 attribute fields. I always only like to do calculations with some of the data of this stucture. Let's say I have the field "Accuracy" and now I only like to do calculation with the data which have the string "acc" in that field. I am not sure if it is important but the structure is an element-by-element-organization. How can I select these data? Thank you for your help, Claudia

Accepted Answer

Geoff on 21 May 2012
Do you mean you have a structure:
... etc
And the Polylines.Accuracy field is exactly equal to the string 'acc' for all the rows you're interested in?
And the Polylines.Accuracy field is perhaps a cell array?
IF that were the case, you could do this:
validRows = strcmp( Polylines.Accuracy, 'acc' );
And then use that as a logical index on all fields you are interested in.
Claudia on 21 May 2012
Hi Geoff
I woke up this morning and knew the answer :-)
Now I gave the "{ Polylines.ACCURACY} " command in a similar way to all attributes and then I created the struct again with "Polylines.ACCURACY = ACCURACY" and so on for all attributes.
Thank you for putting me in the right way!
Cheers, Claudia

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