why I get error using stem?

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geometry geometry
geometry geometry on 19 Mar 2018
Commented: geometry geometry on 19 Mar 2018
I tried this code to stem the convolution of two discrete time signals x and h without using conv function.
but I get error entering x and h which are commented in the code. how can I fix it?
syms x h myconv n
% x(n)=(n==0|n==4)-2*heaviside(n+3)+2*heaviside(n-3);
% y(n) = (n==0|n==4)-2*heaviside(n+3)+2*heaviside(n-3)-(-2*heaviside(2*n+5)+2*heaviside(2*n-1));
x=input('Enter x: ');
h=input('Enter h: ') ;
h = symfun(eval(h), n);
x = symfun(eval(x), n);
h = matlabFunction(h);
x = matlabFunction(x);
for i=-1000:1:1000
stem(N, subs(myconv,n,N), 'ko');
geometry geometry
geometry geometry on 19 Mar 2018
But there is a problem in my plotting. the logic input (n==0|n==4) doesn't affect the plot. do you know how can I fix this?

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