Reset autoroute on existing line

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Patrice90 on 28 Mar 2018
Answered: Monika Jaskolka on 10 May 2018
Hello, i created a Simulink-Model and want to re-layout it by an automatic script. Works fine for all blocks but the lines still have thier old positions and it looks really strange.
So I want to autoroute the line again, but i don't find the parameter for that.
It's easy to use autoroute for a new line, but not for an existing line. But it's possible by using the gui, so I'm thinking there should be a solution for that.
set_param(<lineHandle>,< whatIsTheNameOfTheParameter>,<value>)
Thanks for help and sorry for bad english.

Answers (1)

Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 10 May 2018
Unfortunately such a parameter does not exist. The only way I know to change the autorouting type would be to delete and then redraw the line. There is a redraw_lines function that can do this for a system, as part of the Auto Layout Tool on the File Exchange. If you download the zip, the function is in Auto Layout/src/redraw_lines.m.


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