How can I find and remove the rows starting with different word?

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Hi All;
I have a 40000 row document. The words 1 to 485 start with the letter "a". The words 486 to 1158 start with the letter "b". It starts with the letter "c" between 1158 and 4000... There are some erroneous places among these word groups. For example, there are words starting with another letter such as "b, c, d, v ..." in groups of words that should start with the letter "a" between 1 and 485. How can I find and remove the rows of these?
Thank you for your help.
Ergün AKGÜN on 29 Mar 2018
Edited: Ergün AKGÜN on 29 Mar 2018
I'm so sorry about my poor english; As you see in the table in "C" letter, there is sentence starting with "a" Example: 'adamlarına ve ondan yana....'.
Here is the problem:
  1. 110:1200 rows contains words starting with "C" letter.
  2. I want to scan 110:1200 and find words which are not starting with letter "c"
  3. And delete that row
In this table i want to detect 6th and 14th row (because its not starting with "c") and delete.
{'ceket' }
{'ceketatay' }
{'celâdet' }
{'celâl' }
{'Celâlî' }
{'adamlarına ve ondan yana olanlara, sonraları da türeyen bütün eşkıyaya verilen ad.'}
{'Celâlîlik' }
{'celâllenme' }
{'celâllenmek' }
{'celâlli' }
{'celâllice' }
{'celbe' }
{'celep' }
{'yetiştirilen genç.' }
{'celeplik' }
{'celî' }
{'celî yazı celil' }
{'cellât' }
{'cellât gibi' }
{'cellâtlık' }
{'celp' }

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Accepted Answer

Elias Gule
Elias Gule on 29 Mar 2018
I hope this helps.
Cnew = cellfun(@char,Cnew,'uni',0); % convert the cell array contents to string
index = cellfun('isempty',(regexpi(Cnew,'^c.*'))); % find index of line not starting with C
Cnew(index) = []; % remove line not starting with C
Ergün AKGÜN on 29 Mar 2018
Thank you very much, both answers are correct bur Elias answer is what exactly i need.
Thank you Elias and Guillaume

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Guillaume on 29 Mar 2018
Your english is fine and I understood what you want to do.
If the first letter of every line is belong to the character set [a-z] (and it looks like you want to ignore case), then it's very easy to solve.
However, if we have to take into account accented letters such as ğ then it's a lot more complicated because matlab has no concept of internationalisation. I have no idea where ğ is located in your alphabet but it's not going to be where matlab think it is.
If we assume US-ASCII alphabet only, the intruders can be detected easily:
firstletter = lower(cellfun(@(s) s(1), Cnew)).'; %get first letter and convert to lower case
ldiff = sign(diff(firstletter));
outoforderrows = union(strfind(ldiff, [-1 1]), strfind(ldiff, [1 -1])) + 1
But with turkish alphabet, lower may not work correctly for a start. In addition, since matlab may have the wrong idea about the order of letters, it may tell you that some lines are out of order when they are not.


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