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How to view the command window history?

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Xiaohan Du
Xiaohan Du on 3 Apr 2018
Answered: Anshuman on 8 Feb 2024
Hi all,
If there is a long command being executed and result being displayed, MATLAB does not show the full history in the command window, i.e. if I scroll all the way up in command window I still cannot see the history. Any idea how to check the history in command window if a long result is displayed?
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Manan Mishra
Manan Mishra on 6 Apr 2018
One way could be to store the result in a file, please refer the following link for information on how to do this:

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Answers (1)

Anshuman on 8 Feb 2024
If you are working on scripts that produce a lot of output, you can log all command window output to a file by using the "diary" function.
To start logging:
diary on
To stop logging:
diary off
By default, MATLAB creates a file named diary in the current working directory. You can specify a different file name by passing a string to the diary function, like so:
diary myoutput.txt
This will save all the command window output to myoutput.txt.


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