Audioread of *.m4a file problems

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Todd Gross
Todd Gross on 14 Apr 2018
Answered: Todd Gross on 14 Apr 2018
I can use audioread to read *.wav files but it will not read files recorded from my iPhone in m4a format. I tried the 'native' format to no avail. Any ideas why?

Answers (2)

mounika on 14 Apr 2018
.m4a format should be accepted by audioread according to its documentation
Do you see any errors when you use audioread for your file? If so, can you copy paste it here

Todd Gross
Todd Gross on 14 Apr 2018
It does not give an error. There is no data in the variable y for:
close all; clear all; [y,Fs]=audioread('test.m4a'); sound(y,Fs);
Fs is 160000, y is listed as [] and is a 0 by 0 double array.


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