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Is there a book let to go with Onramp course as otherwise i have to keep everything in my head?

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I am doing a future learn course that involves using MATLAB, and as an intro, we are asked to complete ONramp course.
As I won't at present be a great user of Matlab, I would like a small booklet that contains main points
Rik on 14 Apr 2018
There are undoubtedly many books about Matlab, but for the Onramp course, it might just be best to keep a notepad (digital or physical) and write down the points that are not obvious to you. If I recall correctly, they also mention some main points for each section.

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Jen Goree
Jen Goree on 11 Nov 2020
In the Additional Resources section of the 2019b and later versions of MATLAB Onramp, there is a summary page that reviews all the topics covered in the course. The summary page includes links to help documents on those topics. You may also want to bookmark the Get Started with MATLAB help page.
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Paul Safier
Paul Safier on 2 Nov 2021
Hi. I'm not seeing the cheat-sheet document that summarizes the commands/functions used in the completed online course. For example, here're the final pages of the Signal Processing Onramp course. Where would I find the list of commands and functions used in this course, specifically?

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