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How would i store data into a vector

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What i want to do is create a vector with only 1's that has a varying size depending on how i want it to be, since i know dynamically creating variables is not good i thought about creating a matrix of zeroes and storing the values i want in it, how would i do that? Also if there is another way of doing it please help.


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David Fletcher
David Fletcher on 16 Apr 2018
Edited: David Fletcher on 16 Apr 2018
%Create 1x10 row vector filled with zeros
%Create 1x10 column vector filled with ones
colVector(5)=10 %Store the value 10 in the fifth element of colVector
rowVector(2)=22 %Store the value 22 in the second element of rowVector

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Feliciano Döring
Feliciano Döring on 16 Apr 2018
Perfect, thanks! I didn't know you could use 'ones' likes 'zeroes'

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