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calculate the Coding delay

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fekri saleh
fekri saleh on 27 May 2012
how do I calculate the Coding delay in matlab? ... for exemple I want to code un image with RLE ... how can I find the time which took for this code?

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Geoff on 27 May 2012
Do this:

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 May 2012
tic() and toc() are the best you can do. But all they tell you is how long that code took to execute, on that image, on that run, on that system, with whatever-else was going on (e.g., virus scanning, defragging).
tic() and toc() are useless in figuring out how "efficient" your code is, or what the best and worst times are for encoding images with your code. If you have been asked for some kind of theoretical number for the "coding delay" then you will not be able to get that information from MATLAB.


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