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How do i make different matrices run through the same code?

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I have a program that runs a matrix through it. Now i want another matrix to run through it in a loop so that the first one runs, gives me the output and the other one runs and gives me the output. I use operations of this first matrix that i called 'D' (like sqrt(D(1,:)) so i don't know if the other matrixes that i run through the program have to be called 'D' also or how i would do it.


Rik on 20 Apr 2018

That depends. Terminology is important here: is your program a script or a function? Can you provide a MWE?

Feliciano Döring
Feliciano Döring on 20 Apr 2018

For example, I have this piece of code

dn = sqrt((D(1,:)-m0(2)).^2+(D(2,:)-m0(3)).^2+(D(3,:)-m0(4)).^2);

in which 'D' is a 4x4 matrix. I would normally run the program through this line of code and get 'dn', now i want to run another matrix through the same code. they all are simple operations with the matrix

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Accepted Answer

David Fletcher
David Fletcher on 20 Apr 2018

If your 2D matrices are of the same dimension they can be combined into a single 3D matrix:


Each matrix can be returned in the loop by indexing the third dimension


If the matrices are of differing dimensions, they can be combined into a cell array


again each matrix can be obtained by indexing the cell array:



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Feliciano Döring
Feliciano Döring on 20 Apr 2018

so i would use a for like

for D=D{1}:D{n}

and make it run through it?

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