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How do I make a gradient for my data

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Ethan Koproski
Ethan Koproski on 23 Apr 2018
Answered: njj1 on 24 Apr 2018
So I have a 3 column set of data. I saved the imported data to my workspace and used the load tool. Now i'm trying to get the gradient and graph it all on a mesh graph. Any idea how I can get the gradient for all my data or even just one column at a time.
M=load('x10meters.mat'); syms x y z f = x10meters; gradient(f, [x,y,z])
Ethan Koproski
Ethan Koproski on 23 Apr 2018
This is water column so I eventually want to graph the gradient of biodiversity with respect to depth

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njj1 on 24 Apr 2018
The gradient function in Matlab takes in two main arguments: the independent variable(s) step size and the data as a function of the independent variable(s). So if you typed [dx,dy,dz] = gradient(F); (where F is your matrix), you would get a numerical gradient of each of the columns in your matrix. In this case, the step size would be assumed as 1, but you can specify it differently if you like, for each column in your matrix.

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