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What's the reason that I can't login Cody Coursework?

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Siyu Guo
Siyu Guo on 27 Apr 2018
Commented: Miya Huang on 29 Apr 2018
I have applied and activated a MathWorks account. Yet when I went to the Cody Coursework Login page and clicked the Sign In button, the page was refreshed but remained at the same place. No change could be seen. What is the matter? Thanks a lot.


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Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula on 28 Apr 2018
Are you still having issues with logging in? Could you try clearing the cache or login a different browser?
Siyu Guo
Siyu Guo on 28 Apr 2018
The problem is still there, dear Santosh. I tried chrome and edge, but nothing changed. Clearing cache didn't help, either.
Miya Huang
Miya Huang on 29 Apr 2018
I have encountered the same problem and clearing cookies solved it.

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