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How is it possible to get new matrix with some values of another matrix?

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Hello, i'v got table(matrix) S with 907x1280 elements in array, what script should i write to get, for example, all values in columns from 200 till 700 with step 25, every 25 row. All new data should be in the new matrix.


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Siyu Guo
Siyu Guo on 27 Apr 2018
This is the very elementary array index operation. To retrieve the specified data, just use
S(:, 200:25:700)
If you'd like the retrieved columns to form a new matrix by their relative positions in S, simply code
A = S(:, 200:25:700)
A is an m-by-201 matrix, m being the number of rows of S. If you'd like to assign the extracted data to a portion of a new matrix, make sure that the destination portion can also be arranged as an m-by-201 matrix, e.g.,
A(3:m+2, 5:2:405) = S(:, 200:25:700)
A being the already allocated new matrix (hope I haven't made mistakes).

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