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How to select common data in two different variables

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Dear matlabers I have two variables with dimensions (lat,lon,time), var1 is for depth 300 and var2 for depth 700. I want to add these two variables but I do not have the data in the same location in both variables i mean some has Nan value.
So i want to add the variables where we have data in the same location in both variables other discarded.
any help will appreciated
Wick on 1 May 2018
Can you give us a bit of code or some numbers as an example? Adding NaN's to finite values results in a NaN so you may just be able to pad the shorter vector to match the length of the longer vector (with NaN's) and then add them together.
Example: V1 = [1 2 NaN 4]; V2 = [1 NaN NaN 5 NaN NaN]
If you pad V1 with two NaN's at the end you can just get the result: V1+V2 = [2 NaN NaN 9 NaN NaN]
Is this along the lines of what you're looking for?

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