I am working about smart parking system with video processing and ı need to scan just special area for image processing so imagine a parking area, we need to scan just parking area.So how can we scan special area in matlab with video processing?

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vid=videoinput('winvideo',1,'YUY2_320x240'); set(vid,'FramesPerTrigger',Inf); set(vid,'ReturnedColorspace','rgb') vid.FrameGrabInterval=10; start(vid); while(vid.FramesAcquired<=1000) data=getsnapshot(vid); section1=data(1:100,:,:); section2=data(140:239,:,:); y=zeros(240,320,3); y(1:100,:,:)=section1; y(140:239,:,:)=section2; y=uint8(y);
%% Im=y; rmat=Im(:,:,1); gmat=Im(:,:,2); bmat=Im(:,:,3);
%%Plot the data levelr=0.5; levelg=0.5; levelb=0.5; i1=im2bw(rmat,levelr); i2=im2bw(gmat,levelg); i3=im2bw(bmat,levelb); Isum=(i1&i2&i3);
Icomp=imcomplement(i3); Ifilled=imfill(Icomp,'holes');
se=strel('disk',10); Iopenned=imopen(Ifilled,se);
Iregion=regionprops(Iopenned,'centroid'); [labeled,numObjects]=bwlabel(Iopenned,4); stats=regionprops(labeled,'Eccentricity','Area','BoundingBox'); areas=[stats.Area]; eccentricities=[stats.Eccentricity]; idxOfSkittles=find(eccentricities); statsDefects=stats(idxOfSkittles); imshow(data);
for idx=1:length(idxOfSkittles) h=rectangle('Position',statsDefects(idx).BoundingBox); set(h,'EdgeColor',[.75 0 0]);
hold off; end
if idx>10 title('there are',num2str(numObjects),'objects in'); end
hold off; clear all;

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 May 2018
Also post a no-car image plus an image with cars parked some of the spaces.

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