I am using this code to convert .jpg file to maltab .fig but in matlab lab file there is no figure represented and if I want to convert more than one .jpg files to fig how can I. I am attaching two files

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Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan on 29 May 2018
Commented: Muhammad Khan on 30 May 2018
img = imread('~~.jpg');

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Answers (2)

KSSV on 29 May 2018
images = dir('*.jpg') ;
N = length(images) ;
% loop for each image
for i = 1:N
I = imread(images(i).name) ;
[filepath,name,ext] = fileparts(images(i).name) ;
imshow(I) ;

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 May 2018
Look in the File Exchange and search for tag:digitize as I have marked a number of routines designed to extract plot information from images.
It would be much easier to extract the data before you wrote them as .jpg files.

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