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Trying to run the embedded code example from Matlab on the Jetson TX2

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I am trying to run the example from this link:
On my TX2 board. When I finally do go to run it I get these errors:
nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~/Desktop/codegen/lib/alexnet_predict$ ./alexnet_exe /dev/video1 VIDEOIO ERROR: libv4l unable convert to requested pixfmt VIDEOIO ERROR: libv4l unable to ioctl VIDIOCSPICT
OpenCV(3.4.1-dev) Error: Unspecified error (GStreamer: unable to start pipeline ) in cvCaptureFromCAM_GStreamer, file /home/nvidia/opencv/modules/videoio/src/cap_gstreamer.cpp, line 890 VIDEOIO(cvCreateCapture_GStreamer(CV_CAP_GSTREAMER_V4L2, reinterpret_cast<char *>(index))): raised OpenCV exception:
OpenCV(3.4.1-dev) /home/nvidia/opencv/modules/videoio/src/cap_gstreamer.cpp:890: error: (-2) GStreamer: unable to start pipeline in function cvCaptureFromCAM_GStreamer
Could not open the video capture device.
I have not been able to find anything helpful with troubleshooting this problem. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue?

Answers (1)

Ramakrishna Mandalapu
Ramakrishna Mandalapu on 19 Jul 2021
Hi Thomas,
From the error message I can expect that you are trying to use the onboard camera on TX2 than a USB web camera. So, please connect a web camera and re run the example. OpenCV can not capture the onboard camera data since its interface is different.

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