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the last output given using for loop

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May i know why the following for loop produces e(end) of only n=5 and not from n=1?
e = linspace(-pi,pi,5);
>> d=1;
>> for n=1:length(e)

Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 5 Jun 2018
Edited: Stephen23 on 5 Jun 2018
"why the following for loop produces e(end) of only n=5..."
You define a vector e with five elements:
e = linspace(-pi,pi,5);
Then in the loop you always refer to the last element of that vector, which is the fifth element:
e(end) = ...
You never refer to any other element, only the last (fifth) one, so each new values that you calculate in that loop is put into the same location in e : into the last element (the fifth) one. So on each iteration you simply replace the last value. That is what you wrote your code to do.
"... and not from n=1?"
If you want to access each element like that then the index will need to change, e.g. with the loop index:
e(n) = ...

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