Problem with Simulink on Linux

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Xiangyang Ye
Xiangyang Ye on 6 Jun 2012
I have a problem with Simulink on Linux:
Under Simulink, if I create a new model and try to drag a symbol from the library to the new model, a small window with running beam occurs, but Matlab and Simulink remain hanging and don't run further. Or if I try to open an existing Simulink model *.mdl, Matlab and Simulink remain hanging. Does somebody knows the problem?

Answers (1)

Christoph on 6 Jun 2012
well, I'm not used to this problem but as far as I know matlab and a false java-version causes a different number of errors. This sounds like one of them. If nobody else has a better idea, try to install an other version of java.
good luck, CN


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