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Figure showing up tiny

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Ben Morrow
Ben Morrow on 21 Jun 2018
Commented: Kendall Stead on 23 Sep 2021
For some reason my figures appear 1/4 the size in the top left of my figure window. Is this a bug? how can I make it show the full size in the window? This is how i'm generating the plot:
figh = figure();
hold on;
plot(xOriginalvalues, yOriginalvalues, 'ko','MarkerSize', 8);
plot(xClassicvalues, yClassicvalues, 'kx', 'MarkerSize', 8);
plot(xNGvalues, yNGvalues, 'k+', 'MarkerSize', 8);
legend({'Originals', 'Classics', 'Next Gen'}, 'FontSize', 11);
grid on;
title('Holding volume (m^3) vs Orders')
xlabel('Holding Volume');
ylabel('Airplane Orders');
%pos = get(figh, 'position'); %This is the fix that I tried, exactly the same as just dragging the corner
%set(figh, 'position', [pos(1:2)/4 pos(3:4)*2]);
hold off;
How can I fix this?
Ben Morrow
Ben Morrow on 20 Aug 2018
>> get(0, 'DefaultAxesPosition')
ans =
0.1300 0.1100 0.7750 0.8150
>> get(0, 'DefaultAxesUnits')
ans =
^ ^ this is the return after it fixed itself

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Accepted Answer

Ben Morrow
Ben Morrow on 20 Aug 2018
Restarting the Computer fixed it.
I am not able to reproduce this error anymore after restarting the mac. I had two crash files for when matlab died twice. I found out that it occurred after I tried to plot it to my computer from an ipad with the
>> connector $
command. I think it came about when I plotted it on the OS X matlab after already plotting it on the iPad.

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Swarnava Pramanik
Swarnava Pramanik on 22 Jun 2018
Hi Ben,
I understand your figure is appearing small when you open the “Figure Properties” for a figure on MAC. Could you let me know which version of MATLAB you are using? I tried reproducing the issue from R2014a, R2017b and from R2018a but not able to reproduce it. I’ve attached two figures one from R2014a and another from R2017b on Windows.
Swarnava Pramanik
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Ben Morrow
Ben Morrow on 20 Aug 2018
R2017a on MAC, it still appeared small without any of the toolbars open (just the basic Figure Toolbar)

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Kendall Stead
Kendall Stead on 23 Sep 2021
This has just happened to me as well, I was able to fix by going into full screen [View - Full Screen] and collapsing the full screen window back into a tab [ctrl - shift - d].
Not sure if this will work for others in future, but fingers crossed.
Kendall :-)
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Kendall Stead
Kendall Stead on 23 Sep 2021
[Restarting MATLAB and my laptop did not solve this by the way!]

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