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How to find the frequency of unique rows in 3 columns of a table?

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I have a table (T) of the following form:
Var1 Var2 Var3
Car Red X
Dog Blue Y
Car Red X
TV Green Z
TV Yellow Z
TV Green Z
Car Red X
Where for example the first row is T.Var1(1)=Car, T.Var2(1)=red, T.Var3(1)= X.
I would like to return
Var1 Var2 Var3 Var4
Car Red X 3
Dog Blue Y 1
TV Green Z 2
TV Yellow Z 1
Any assistance you can provide is much appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Paolo on 25 Jun 2018
Edited: Paolo on 26 Jun 2018
Var1 = {'Car';'Dog';'Car';'TV';'TV';'TV';'Car'}
Var2 = {'red';'blue';'red';'green';'yellow';'green';'red'};
Var3 = {'X';'Y';'X';'Z';'Z';'Z';'X'};
t = table(Var1,Var2,Var3);
[tt ia ic] = unique(t);
Var4 = histc(ic,unique(ic));
tt.Var4 = Var4;
tt is the required table.

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