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john on 11 Jun 2012
if I enter into edit text a number 6.67e-2, then in uitable I got this number in form like 667/10000.
So is possible to show this number in form of 6.67e-2?
Thanks for help
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john on 11 Jun 2012
At firts I convert number 6.67e-2 into cell UserData.matrix(3,2)=num2cell(str2double(get(handles.edit7,'String')));.
then in other part of program I use data(i,j)=sym(UserData.matrix{i,j}); for print number in uitable

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Matt Tearle
Matt Tearle on 11 Jun 2012
It looks as if the table's ColumnFormat property is set to rat, but that would require setting the property. It looks like you're using GUIDE, so open up the Property Inspector on the uitable and see what the ColumnFormat property is. Set it to an appropriate numeric format.
EDIT TO ADD: sorry, didn't read your initial comment carefully enough. Um... why are you converting to a sym to print the number? If you need a symbolic variable somewhere, extract from UserData.matrix and convert there. Rational display is standard for symbolic variables, so the behavior you're seeing makes perfect sense.
EDIT #2: OK, so it sounds like the actual problem you're trying to solve is: "can I set the formatting so that numbers and strings are both justified the same (either left or right)?" Yes. Just, treat everything as a string:
h = uitable;
set(h,'ColumnFormat',{'char', 'char'},'Data',{pi,'hello';'42',6.67e-2})
Don't use sym unless you are actually doing symbolic calculations. It is not a fundamental data type in MATLAB, so these conversions aren't really doing much other than slowing down your code.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Jun 2012
The num2cell is unnecessary overhead. Use
UserData.matrix{3,2} = str2double(get(handles.edit7,'String'));
Most of the time you do not need to vpa() a numeric value. There are good reasons to use vpa(), but when you are interfacing with MATLAB itself you are more likely to use double() to convert a symbolic expression to a double precision number.

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