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string from a textbox

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abdullah ek
abdullah ek on 4 Jul 2018
Commented: Paolo on 5 Jul 2018
hi. i want to extract 4,5,6,5 from string 4x^3 + 5x^2 + 6x^1 + 5

Answers (2)

Paolo on 4 Jul 2018
Edited: Paolo on 4 Jul 2018
str = '4x^3 + 5x^2 + 6x^1 + 5'
num = regexp(str,'(?<!\^)(\d)','match');
abdullah ek
abdullah ek on 5 Jul 2018
i also want to extract the missing cofficients i am using the function sym2pol like syms x c = sym2poly(x^3 - 2*x - 5); but i dont know how to convert my value from textbox into symbolic polynomial which can be placed in sym2poly function.
Paolo on 5 Jul 2018
What missing coefficients? I don't see any for the equation you shared. Perhaps you need to use str2sym to convert the string to a symbolic expression before you can use sym2pol or coeffs as suggested by Stephen. I am unable to test it for you because of this bug.

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Stephen23 on 5 Jul 2018
Edited: Stephen23 on 5 Jul 2018
If you are using symbolic toolbox then you could use the appropriate function:





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