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Value associate to a parameter in a text

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Jack on 9 Jul 2018
Commented: Jack on 9 Jul 2018
So I have a text file similar to the following:
DELZZ 3301.23
KUTY 4.32 SERI -0.023
I want Matlab to read the file and return values associate to each parameter (DELZZ, KUTY,SERI,...) Any suggestion?

Accepted Answer

Paolo on 9 Jul 2018
Edited: Paolo on 9 Jul 2018
data = fileread('mytextfile.txt');
val = regexp(data,'(?<=\s)(-?\d*\.?\d*)(?=\s|$)','match');
Paolo on 9 Jul 2018
That's right, you will need to use the greedy * quantifier rather than the + quantifier. Since you need to match those values too, use:
I'll update my answer.

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