Indexing Error in Image Processing

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Jasmine Haraburda
Jasmine Haraburda on 9 Jul 2018
Answered: Ji Hoon Jeong on 3 Sep 2018
My goal is to write code when a user clicks on an image and gets the linear index of where they clicked.
I keep getting an error saying "Linear indices cannot exceed the number of elements in the label matrix." My equation to find the linear index (when clicking a point on an image) is... linearindex = ((col-1) * y) + row; where col is clicked column. row is clicked row. y is the maximum number of rows (height) of the whole picture.
This is what I used to make the label matrix... (Label matrix = L) X = rgb2lab(RGB); L = superpixels(X,2450,'IsInputLab',true);
I don't understand why it's saying the sizes are different. Is it some small error like +-1 in my calculation of the linear index of the pixel matrix? Please helppp

Answers (1)

Ji Hoon Jeong
Ji Hoon Jeong on 3 Sep 2018
If you are trying to get the location of the pixel where a user clicked, then you better try ginput function.
ginput(1) will prompt the user to click on the image, then the output of the function will be X and Y coordinate of the image.




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