Is there a way to extract the x data values from the readWaveform function in Quick-Control Oscilloscope ?

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I need to extract the time values as well which is the x-axis data. I am currently using the DPO4014B oscilloscope from Tektronix. I've also tried installing the ivi driver but im not sure how to use the function to read the waveform.

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Andrei Ursache
Andrei Ursache on 17 Aug 2018
Currently you need to generate the waveform time values by using AcquisitionTime and WaveformLength properties. For example, if o is your oscilloscope object:
y1 = readWaveform(o);
t = linspace(0, o.AcquisitionTime, o.WaveformLength);
plot(t, y1)
xlabel('Time (s)')
ylabel('Voltage (V)')
You might also find the following example app useful:

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