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Non-numeric matrix to string

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Diego Tasso
Diego Tasso on 13 Jun 2012
Hi i am trying to import an excel file to matlab and convert the matrix crated into a string in order for me to use sscanf to format the file to show certain information. However this matrix contains data such as " 34WP01"....any ideas? I tried using the mat2str function but its telling me the matrix must be numeric.

Accepted Answer

Geoff on 13 Jun 2012
It's not a matrix. It's a cell array.
You can try converting the whole thing to strings with something like:
Where M is your array... But that joins them with no spaces... How about adding a space to each entry maybe:
Msp = cellfun(@(x) [x,' '], x, 'uni', 0);
Mstr = [Msp{:}]
Bit hacky, I know... But it might work for you.
Otherwise maybe you want to use regexp. It'll work on cell arrays of strings. Then you probably won't require sscanf.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 13 Jun 2012
With spaces between:
Mt = strcat(M(:).', {' '});
joined_string = deblank([Mt{:}]);
This does make assumptions about how you want them joined. It would not be suitable (as-is) for joining row-by-row in a cell array.
Diego Tasso
Diego Tasso on 14 Jun 2012
Thanks Geoff and Walter; I tried doing what you said using the deblank and cellfun functions you suggested however I found it more useful to use the regexp function; did not know it existed.Thanks again !

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