Needs Checkbox to draw a plot

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Aleksandra on 14 Jun 2012
Hi all, Can you help me with GUI? So I need to create checkbox to draw a plot by clicking mouse on it. How can I do it?

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John on 14 Jun 2012
Write an if statement that gets the value of the checkbox. When the checkbox's value is 1 then plot. This snip of code would have to be written under the function of the checkbox.
for example if the checkbox's tag is 'checkbox1' then:
if get(handles.checkbox1,'Value') == 1
Aleksandra on 25 Jun 2012
Got it. Thanks a lot.

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Benjamin Schwabe
Benjamin Schwabe on 14 Jun 2012
Hi Aleksandra,
I am not sure where you are stuck, so I try to be a little more detailed than John.
Use GUIDE to design you GUI with drag and drop. Save the GUI. Then double click on the checkbox and the m-File openes at the callback function of the ckechbox. Then use the if statement as John suggests.
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Aleksandra on 15 Jun 2012
Thanks a lot.
But how do not plot if the checkbox is not highlighted?

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