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.m files are not opening in editor

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Dear MATLAB users, I've just installed matlab 2018a. whenever I doubleclick on a .m file Matlab starts instead of opening the desired file in a new tab in the editor eventhough Matlab is already running. Thanks in advance
Samhar Saleh
Samhar Saleh on 24 Jul 2018
As I have just said, a new instance of MATLAB is launched when i double click a *.m file. but the file itself is not opening in the new instance just its path. I tried to uninstall the 18a and install 17b but the problem remains unsolved. I am not runnig MATLAB as an adminstrator as mentioned in the link above and no other version was installed before 18a.

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Sadettin Durmus Talipoglu
Sadettin Durmus Talipoglu on 12 Mar 2019
I had the same problem in r2018a. You should download the file on below link, run the code inside on it.
Then, run the composed .reg file. Now, You can reopen the MATLAB. The problem should be solved.
Sadettin Durmus Talipoglu
Sadettin Durmus Talipoglu on 12 Mar 2019
Dear Jan,
I am sorry to inform that you have just leave the link. You didn't explain step by step.
But, I am new at mathworks platform. I think you can mention me about the rules.

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