open loop V/F control of asynchronous motor using 120 degree mode conduction inverter

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jigar on 28 Mar 2011
Commented: shmng on 17 Sep 2017
i want to control 3-phase induction motor using V/F ratio constant control scheme. input of motor is from 3-phase bridge inverter in 120 degree mode of conduction.

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Dr. Siva Malla
Dr. Siva Malla on 31 May 2012
I uploaded 2 models related to your question. you can download from my account.
shmng on 17 Sep 2017
Dear Siva Sir, Could you please provide an example with Sine PWM cntrol of PMSM (open loop and then switch over closed loop)? I have implemented a sine look up table but I am unaware how do I get V/F ramp up through this. I have done implementation on controller directly, now wish to achieve with Simulink model completely. Kindly guide me.

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