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Do I purchase Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox separately from MATLAB license?

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Krista Kelly
Krista Kelly on 27 Jul 2018
Answered: Tom Lane on 12 Oct 2018
I have a customized GUI to analyse data that I obtained from someone. I get an error when I try to execute a task in the GUI saying "tdfread is not included in your installed products. These products offer 'tdfread': Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox"
Is this something I need to purchase separately from the MATLAB + Signal Processing Toolbox license I currently have?
Thanks, Krista

Answers (2)

Tom Lane
Tom Lane on 12 Oct 2018
There may be other options. If the GUI author can work with you, you may be able to replace use of tdfread by a newer core MATLAB function such as readtable or textscan.

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