Differece of two histograms

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Timo Strotbaum
Timo Strotbaum on 1 Aug 2018
is there any easy way, of plotting the differnce between two histograms? the newer function histogram (compared to the old one "hist") doesnt save the histogram as a vector, just as an object. So I´m not able to calculate any further with the values?
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Rachana Reddy Mamilla
Rachana Reddy Mamilla on 13 Aug 2018
Hello Timo, Though the function Histogram saves it as an Histogram object you can get its data using Histogram.Data/Histogram.Values(according to your requirement) and then find the absolute difference (you can use imabsdiff() or any other tradition way to find the difference) and plot it.
While comparing 2 histograms can be done using pdist2(h1,h2)
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