What do I have to do to sort strings properly in Listbox?

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While I try to figure this out, I have problems again..
To sort strings in listbox,
e.g.,I have strings below! 'p1' 'p2' 'p10' 'p12' 'p21'
To sort those strings, I tried to use sort(),
and then, result was like this..
'p1' 'p10' 'p12' 'p2' 'p21'
%%%% :-( %%%%
But, I want to sort A as, 'p1' 'p2' 'p10' 'p12' 'p21'
What do I have to do for this?
I'm looking forward to your answer!
Geoff on 25 Jun 2012
Oh... probably... Meh, well, I'll stop being a grump and hack it out quickly again.
Haksun Lee
Haksun Lee on 25 Jun 2012
There was some misunderstanding..
Have a nice day everyone..
But I have to figure this out T.T
- Newbie programmer, H.S Lee

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Accepted Answer

Geoff on 25 Jun 2012
Don't ask the same question just because nobody answered it yesterday. If you are impatient, write a comment on it to bump it back up. People occasionally check through old questions to see what hasn't been answered. That's also a reason to accept answers - so people who do look back on old questions know not to check those that are already accepted.
Now... code, with no explanation this time.
A = {'p1', 'p10', 'p12', 'p2', 'p21'};
N = cellfun( @str2double, regexp(A, '\d+', 'match') )
[~,I] = sort(N);
B = A(I);
Stephen23 on 20 Feb 2016
Edited: Stephen23 on 21 Feb 2016
@Soroush Asarzadeh: This is trivial using my FEX submission natsort:
>> A = {'p10=34', 'p4=10', 'p2=11', 'p3=90', 'p21=55'};
>> natsort(A)
ans =
'p2=11' 'p3=90' 'p4=10' 'p10=34' 'p21=55'
Soroush Asarzadeh
Soroush Asarzadeh on 20 Feb 2016
@Walter thanks, it works now! @Stephan thank u for your answer

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