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Extract Variables from mixed string

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Hi all,
In this string
'# Message: onset_pic1_8.png'
how can I read 'onset', 'pic', '1', '8' in four variables?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Aug 2018
S = '# Message: onset_pic1_8.png';
parts = regexp(S, '(?<name1>[A-Za-z]+)_(?<name2>[A-Za-z]+)(?<num1>\d+)_(?<num2>\d+)', 'names')
parts =
struct with fields:
name1: 'onset'
name2: 'pic'
num1: '1'
num2: '8'
I coded to permit uppercase as well as lowercase, but I did assume that the alphabetic parts remain alphabetic and the numeric parts remain numeric.

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Paolo on 12 Aug 2018
Edited: Paolo on 12 Aug 2018
You can use:
mystring = '# Message: onset_pic1_8.png';
matches = regexp(mystring,'\d|[a-z]+(?=_|\d)','match')
{'onset'} {'pic'} {'1'} {'8'}
To obtain the values.
You can't use 1 and 8 as variable names.


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