How to create, connect and use a ni visa device in Matlab?

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How to create, connect and use a ni visa device?
I have to use a national instruments PXIe-1082 with the following cards:
I'm running the ni visa server on the 8108. With the ni MAX software a connection via network is possible.
How it is possible to create, connect and use the ni PXI devices with visa in Matlab on a development PC? I tried to create a visa-object with:
How rscname have to look in my case?
The following screenshot shows the device overview in the MAX software at the development PC:
Thanks a lot for your help!
Greetings Pirmin

Accepted Answer

JT Ferrara
JT Ferrara on 16 Aug 2018
Hi Pirmin,
The value for "rsrcname" is the resource name for the VISA instrument. The format for resource name depends on the interface you are using (PXI in your case). For this interface the resource name consists of the PXI chassis index and the instrument logical address. You can also see the VISA-PXI resource name for a given instrument listed NI MAX. In general the format for PXI is as follows:
For example, to create an NI VISA-PXI object associated with a PXI chassis with index 0 and logical address 32, use the command:
>> vv = visa('ni','PXI0::32::INSTR');
More information on working with the VISA-PXI interface can be found on the following pages:

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