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HW/SW Co-design QPSK Transceiver example - Will only load Tx channel onto ADRV9361?

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I've been following the example: HW/SW Co-design QPSK Transmitter and Receiver Using Analog Devices AD9361/ AD9364 Hardware Generation Model with the ADI RF SOM - ADRV9361. However once I have finished the process of synthesising and generating the HDL code for the FPGA, I check what's on the board using the following in the command window:
dev = sdrdev('ADI RF SOM')
and it returns:
Status: 'Full information'
ProtocolVersion: '9.0.0'
FirmwareVersion: '9.0.0 for Zynq, build Feb 26 2018 17:19:20'
HardwareVersion: '9.0.0 for Zynq, build Aug 14 2018 14:19:29'
HardwareRxCapabilities: 'Device does not have targeted Rx DUT'
HardwareTxCapabilities: 'Device has targeted Tx: DUT ChannelMapping = 1'
RFBoardVersion: 'RF Chip: AD9361, PCORE: version 9.0.98'
RFBoardRxCapabilities: 'BasebandSampleRate: [520.9kHz,61.44MHz]; CenterFrequency: [70MHz,6GHz]; NumChannels=2'
RFBoardTxCapabilities: 'BasebandSampleRate: [520.9kHz,61.44MHz]; CenterFrequency: [70MHz,6GHz]; NumChannels=2'
Notice only the TX channel has succeeded in arriving on the board - not the Rx - despite the HDL Workflow Advisor claiming successes throughout the process - I cannot figure out why. I've ensured the following:
- Reference Design is set to 'Receive and Transmit path'
- Channel mapping set to 1 (have tried setting to [1 2] and putting Rx and Tx on different channels - no luck)
- All target interface ports are correct
- Generated VHDL definitely includes code for Rx channel as well as Tx
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Kind Thanks

Accepted Answer

Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 14 Aug 2018
Hi Harry,
You have hit a bug in our information returned here I'm afraid. If you target both transmitter and receiver, it will show up as only the transmitter in the info call. Rest assured both paths have been configured correctly. If you want to check this out for yourself, you can open the Vivado project that will have been generated by the workflow. It is in YourHDLDirectory/vivado_ip_prj/vivado_prj.xpr.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

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