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How do define BaudRate from MATLAB to Arduino?

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I want to acquire data from Arduino and to plot it in MATLAB. I noticed that this process is very slow so, the sampling rate is just about a few tens [Hz]. Is there a way to increase the Baudrate of the Arduino board(Due), in the MATLAB script? IS there any other way to plot faster data from Arduino to MATLAB? e.g. about 1k [Hz]? I saw a few posts about it from the past but, yet cannot find a good answer.

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Arpita Agrawal
Arpita Agrawal on 28 Aug 2018
Hi Ori,
Currently, there is no direct way to change the BaudRate with MATLAB SPPKG for Arduino. We will consider adding this feature in a future release. Until then, please refer to the post by Madhu in the thread at the link below, to be able to change the Baud Rate:
Thanks Arpita MATLAB Hardware Team - MathWorks

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